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Some reports and position statements from the the Office of the Children's Rights Commissioner are translated in English.

Alternative report of the Flemish Office of the Children’s Rights Commissioner to the UN Committee against Torture, 22-06-2020

In this alternative report, the Flemish Office of the Children’s Rights Commissioner zooms in on the implementation of the Convention against Torture and Other Cruel, Inhuman or Degrading Treatment or Punishment by Flanders and Belgium. We respond, from a children’s rights perspective, to some of the issues mentioned in the List of Issues Prior to Reporting (LoIPR). We zoom in on the efforts and shortcomings in the Flemish and Belgian legislation and policy towards minors and their rights, when deprived of their liberty. And we formulate recommendations that can feed the concluding remarks of the UN Committee for the Flemish and Belgian governments.

Position statement: We should make sure that Belgian children from terrorist conflict zones can count on our help, 19-04-2018 

The Children's rights commissioner supports the call from Unicef and children's rights organisations on the ground for the safe and accompanied return of Belgian children of (former) IS wives to Belgium. These children are victims, not perpetrators. Their rights have already been violated multiple times: the right to care, the right to a safe environment and the right to education. We must make sure that we help them.

‘Help’ essentially involves two aspects:

  1. Making every effort to repatriate from conflict zones Belgian minors and children born locally who have a Belgian father or mother but whose Belgian nationality has not yet been officially confirmed, where necessary and where possible in collaboration with international organisations (UN, Unicef, Red Cross etc.).
  2. Making every effort to reintegrate those children and young people into Belgian society, with all the professional help that is needed to achieve this.

Dossier: 'with(out) a home. Homelessness from a child's perspective', 11-10-2016

Almost one in three homeless people is underage. The Office of the Children's Rights Commissioner spoke with 43 parents, children and young people who were homeless, or were about to become homeless. It investigated whether the legal framework takes into account children and adolescents. And, from a child's perspective, it analysed the data of 'Baseline measurement homelessness 2014' by Evy Meys and Koen Hermans.

It is the first time that the housing policy area has been so thoroughly analysed from a child's perspective.

Synthesis report 'Peer Review titled 'Homelessness from a child’s perspective – What are the key elements of an effective child homelessness strategy?'

The Peer Review was held in Brussels, Belgium, on 27 and 28 June 2018. The Peer Review offered an opportunity to discuss the key policy elements needed to create an effective child homelessness strategy that ensures the well-being and rights of children currently without a home. In addition, it enabled policy approaches and practices that address the homelessness of children and their families to be identified and shared by the participating countries. The event was hosted by the Flemish Office of the Children's Rights Commissioner (Kinderrechtencommissariaat). The Peer Review brought together government representatives from Belgium (the host country) and five peer countries: the Czech Republic, Denmark, Lithuania, Portugal and Romania, as well as an independent expert operating at the European level.'


Report on children’s rights for specific groups in Flanders, 15-09-2015

In view of the visit of Mr. Nils Muižnieks, Commissioner for Human Rights for the Council of Europe, to Belgium in September 2015, the Flemish Children’s Rights Commissioner’s Office has prepared a summary report focusing on the situation of refugee children, children from Roma and Traveller families, and children  with disabilities.

International symposium minors and citizenship, 27-05-2016

On May 27 2016 the Flemish Office of the Children's Rights Commissioner organized an international symposium on minors and citizenship.
John Wall, Professor Philosophy and Religion Childhood Studies at the Rutgers University Camden (US) gave a lecture entitled ‘Empowering Children, Empowering Citizens: Human Rights in an Interdependent World’.